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4 Great Reasons to Get a Dental Cleaning as an Adult

It's not just for kids

There is always an emphasis on getting children’s teeth cleaned and seeing the dentist regularly to make sure their teeth are healthy, but adults tend to stray away from going every 6 months as they get older. Usually, adults show up at the dentist when there is a problem. However, there are reasons for adults to continue the habit of going to the dentist twice a year:

  1. Good for overall health

    Because we often see different specialized doctors, we do not remember or recognize how our body is one unit and that when one thing is off it can affect something else is. There have been links made to the health of gums and teeth to your heart and other areas of your body. When we stay on top of seeing the dentist every 6 months, it lowers the risk for a stroke and cardiovascular disease. Your dentist may be able to detect other problems going on with your health by examining your mouth just as much as a specialized doctor.

  2. Prevents bigger problems

    Routine teeth cleanings are preventative against big issues that could arise like a gum disease or cavity. The buildup of plaque can cause the development of cavities which, if left untreated, can lead to more serious procedures than a simple filling. Teeth cleanings can prevent plaque buildup, preventing a cavity from forming at all. When you clean your teeth, your gums are being cleaned which helps prevent gum diseases. Overall, it gives your teeth a better and healthier home to live in.

  3. A complete clean

    There is nothing like getting your teeth cleaned by the dentist. We have all this new dental technology at our fingertips with electronic toothbrushes taking over the market, but still nothing tops having them professionally done. You are more than likely missing a spot, not flossing as detailed, or not brushing long enough. The dentist can do a more thorough, complete cleaning to support good oral health and point out what areas need extra care.

  4. Saves money

    When you take these extra measures, they may be more expensive upfront, but you will end up saving more money overall. More extensive procedures can be expensive, and insurance does not always cover them. Most dental insurance plans will cover those crucial 6-month cleanings meaning that going to the dentist is in the best interest of both you and your bank account.

When you go for a dental cleaning, you are closing the doors to issues that could land in your lap further down the road. We must begin to put an importance on our dental hygiene, as our teeth and mouth are just as important as the rest of our body. We only get one mouth and one set of adult teeth, so we want to make sure to take care of them.